BUDDHA DOG Restore and Vitality Powders and Gel are a natural clay product consisting of 100% USP Kaolin Clay found naturally all over the world. After over 30 years of research, a method was discovered to energize and regenerate the body through the infusion of high frequency sound waves. These inaudible sound waves produce a special signal that helps trillions of cells within the body come into harmony. This harmonious tone seems to have a miraculous effect upon organizing all human, plant and animal DNA. This was a lost ancient technology that was used by Native Americans as well as many other cultures around the world.

After a lengthy process of exposure to these sound waves, the clay has a natural ability to harness this energy and hold it indefinitely. When taken orally, it initiates a multi-stage effect through out the entire body. Its activity eliminates and destroys unhealthy cells and activates the rebuilding of healthy ones. It acts as a cleansing agent eliminating all noxious substances. Toxins are attracted and bound to our clay and become subject to immediate elimination while healing energy is delivered to the body where it’s needed. Vibrational exposure/ sound frequencies in this clay dislodges congestion and blocked energy flow and have the power to interrupt destructive events within the body that could normally lead to many degenerative diseases.  Restore & Vitality balance and enhance the body’s own natural energy.

In recent years experts have reported regarding clinical application that it produces improved circulation, enhanced sleep regulation, increased cell activity, enhanced metabolism, strengthened immune system and improved wound healing. Also, it has been noted to enhance the natural healing capability and immunity of the body without any side effect or drugs.

Make Restore and Vitality part of your pets daily routine.

*BUDDHA DOG Restore & Vitality products are not intended to diagnose or cure, they simply provide the body with a signal so that it can heal itself. Disclaimer

For pets and their humans!

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