Our story began with my beloved Labrador, Henry, who suffered greatly from allergies. I tirelessly researched diet and environmental causes that exacerbated and contributed to his symptoms. Through my research, I discovered that hemp, with its hypo allergenic and anti bacterial properties, was a much healthier alternative to nylon and leather collars. Having a background in fashion and design, I set out to create a collar that was simple, stylish and comfortable, yet free of irritating bleach, artificial dyes and toxic chemicals. I bought a sewing machine, taught myself to sew and soon after BUDDHA DOG® was born. 

BUDDHA DOG® provides the conscious dog lover, simple, hip, sophistication that embodies the love for their pets and embraces them as an integral part of the family. With an organic sensibility, style and uniqueness, each product is designed with the environment in mind. BUDDHA DOG® operates from its soul center, elevating our love and commitment for our pets and finding peace within this connection. Our products are hand crafted with love in our New York studio. 

I am also the founder of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery and have devoted my life to lost, stray and abandoned pets.

My canine children are a constant source of inspiration and I am so grateful and blessed to experience the continuous unconditional love and joy they bring to my life. BUDDHA DOG® is dedicated to them.

~ Thank you Montana, Henry, Hudson, Finn, Yeti & Molly, you are my heart! ~