Many of you may not know just how great hemp is.

Organic hemp is a great choice when looking for a natural dog collar and other pet products. Pet owners are becoming more aware and wanting to raise their pets holistically, free of chemicals and toxins. Buying pet products made of organic hemp is a great way to offer your companion a healthy lifestyle.

Hemp is a healthier, natural alternative to nylon. Nylon and even leather can be toxic to our dogs and can create allergies and skin irritations. If your dog is exhibiting signs of allergies and skin sensitivities, hemp is an excellent choice.

Hemp collars and leashes are lightweight, very soft and will only get softer with wear, making them extremely comfortable!

Our organic hemp collars, leashes and beds are free from irritating bleach, artificial dyes and other harmful and toxic chemicals.

Added using hemp we are protecting the environment!

• Hemp fibers are 10 times stronger and more durable than cotton.
• Mold and mildew-resistant.
• Odor resistant and anti-bacterial.
• Products made from hemp block out more UV rays than any other known fabric fiber.
• Hemp is hypoallergenic.
• Hemp is grown pesticide, herbicide & fungicide free.
• 100% biodegradable.

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