Urban Leash


Introducing the Urban Leash!

Often referred to as the traffic leash, at 12" in length this leash is designed to keep you dog close. Whether you're walking your dog in the city or activities such as obedience and agility training, the Urban Leash is perfect for you.

The short design allows you to maintain full control of your dog.

Ideal to stash in your purse, backpack or glove box of your vehicle, that way it's always handy.

  • Please specify leash style name (i.e. Grape Crush) in style text box. You can choose a leash style by browsing through Big 1" Hemp Collars  simply enter the style name in the text box provided on this page.
The Buddha Dog Urban Leash is handcrafted from 100% organic hemp webbing. All leashes are triple stitched at stress points making them extra strong for your active companions.